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The Silver Route is a premium tour (minimum 8 persons) that allows you to experience more of Ørland. There are a number of different options available including a fishing adventure, and a visit to a medieval manor.


This is the perfect activity for groups of 8 or more and includes half pension (breakfast and specially prepared organic dinner) at Ørland Kysthotell along with visits to Austrätt Borgen (medieval manor) and Austrätt gun emplacements from WWII. Transport is included. 

We can also organise activities including a guided visit to the famous Kjeungskjær Lighthouse , with stopovers at the historic Uthaug fishing harbour.

For bookings or further information please contact us here via email or phone +47 72 51 33 00.

Please browse our galleries below for more information on:

Austratt Silver



Austrått is one of the oldest manors in Norway, dating from as early as the Viking Period.

The portal opening onto the main court contains richly decorated masonry work from 1656 showing beautiful coat-of-arms and statues of angels. The main wing is entered by a double staircase and loggia.

The core of the building is the chapel dating from the 12th century. It is exquisite. Seven wooden sculptures from medieval times are displayed here. The pulpit, the altar piece and the stalls all date from the 1650´s .

Austratt Gun Silver



The Austrått Gun Emplacement is a massive fortification with a five-storey gun tower. The fortress was built by the occupying German forces during World War 2, and the battery was originally on board the battleship Gneisenau.

Lighthouse Silver



The only octagonal lighthouse in Norway, the Kjeungskjær was built in 1880 and was manned by a lighthouse keeper and his family. In 1987 it became automated. and was protected in the late 1990's.

Uthaug Silver



Picturesque fishermen's houses from the middle of 1800's are a feature of the old port area of Uthaug.

The families here lived from the sea and today the port still features many fishing boats in a historic setting.