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Ørland is located at the start of the Trondheim fjord, southwest of the Fosen Peninsula. Here you will find a variety of natural, cultural, and historical gems and the area is an Eldorado for bird watching.



From the hotel’s panoramic view of Trondheimsfjorden, you can glimpse one of Norway’s most worthy lighthouses located on the mainland at the other side of the fjord



In our distinctive coastal nature, you can be so lucky to see both majestic sea eagles and many diverse types of migratory birds.



Ørland has Norway’s largest tidal area and several internationally important wetland areas.

Ørland Wetland Systems is in the mail feature of the East Atlantic Flyway, which follows the coast and further inland. The wetland areas have the status of Ramsar sites, internationally protected wetland areas.

The wetland areas can be visited, and we recommend Grandefjæra Nature Reserve, which is a beautiful outdoor area with a bird tower.


Discover the seasons in Ørland. Winter brings a golden light as the sun follows a low arc through the clear open skies. Spring is the awakening, as the bird song chorus welcomes longer days, growth and warmth. Summer is warmth, bright light, barbecues, fishing, relaxing. Autumn returns the land to a golden hue with thankfulness and soft evocative light.


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